Respond Faster. Reduce Downtime. Increase Efficiency.

  • Real-time Monitoring of Mirth Connect Servers, Channels, Infrastructure
  • Advanced Alerting proactively informs your team of issues via Email and SMS
  • Insightful Analytics trends historical data to identify potential system issues.
  • Visualization  of performance trends and channel data flow in graphical format.

Feature Highlights



Monitor multiple Mirth Connect servers in one dashboard view.


Maintain Visibility of all Channel Statistics/Statuses. Receive alerts when issues occur.


Create PDF reports of server and channel configuration summaries.


View channel data flow in topological diagrams. Track Channel performance history in graphs.

Track Mirth Channel Throughput performance

Fivo captures stats, does the math and displays easy to use graphs.
  • Mirth Channel Dashboard shows messages processed per hour/ per minute.
  • Fivo Metrics tracks server hardware data and correlates to Mirth Channel metrics.

Examples of graphical reports trending over time:

  1. Computer hardware usage history CPU, Memory, HD.
  2. Mirth Channel Activity by Day of Week.
  3. Historical Mirth Channel Throughput vs Computer CPU, Memory metrics.
  4. Historical Mirth Message count trend by server, by channel

Visualize Mirth Channel Data Flow in Diagrams.

Mirth Channel configurations are best viewed as pictures.
  • View all Mirth Channels or by groups in topological diagrams.
  • View Server and Channel configuration summary in PDF format.

We Made Everything Simple

Fivo has a built-in “Easy” button:
  • Easy Installation, minimal configuration, installs in minutes.
  • Instantly Synchronize Mirth Connect to Fivo using Mirth Sync.
  • Save Time with Predefined Rule Settings and Alert Thresholds
  • Intuitive and User-friendly
  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime 24/7


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All Features

Mirth Connect Interface Monitoring

Maintain Uptime of all Channel Statistics/Statuses.

Unified Dashboard

Monitor all Applications and Servers in One Dashboard View.

All-in-One Monitoring

Windows Applications, Folders, Services, Hard Drive and Network capacity, Website Uptimes.

Web-based Application

Access from Anywhere, Anytime 24×7 365

Mirth Channel Sync

Easily Enable Data Synchronization between Mirth Connect and Fivo Agent.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor a Range of Metrics including Mirth Resources, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk Space, Response Time, and Uptime.

Email Account Monitoring

Create alerts based on content of inbound emails.

Incident Manager

Track and View all Incidents.


Engage Team Members Using Custom Notifications via Email or Text Message (International SMS Included).

Data Insights

Observe Trends and Historical Data in graphical format.

24×7 Assistance

Support by Phone, Email, or Ticket.

Simple, Powerful Solutions

We’re an experienced team of healthcare informatics experts committed to building simple, powerful solutions that achieve greater efficiency in operations, regulatory compliance, reduction in costs, and insightful decision making for Mirth Connect, clinical laboratory systems, and other emerging healthcare platforms.

FIVO was developed on the needs of the healthcare IT community. We’ve listened and worked alongside clinical teams to create a product supported by clinical testing, best practices, and user experiences.

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