IT Systems Monitoring for Healthcare Environments

Dashboard Views

Consolidated view of monitored mission critical applications and services. View the current status of each resource. Stop and Start services and application directly from the dashboard.

Website Monitoring

An unresponsive laboratory portal can prove costly. Know when your website is down before your customers and users. This is a simple but vital idea. Not only can resolve the problem as quickly as possible, it also means you can manage the customer experience.

Server Monitoring

Protect the epicenter of your IT service with Fivo Agent-based Server/Device Monitoring, offering monitoring for Disk, Network, Server uptime. Receive notifications when the server becomes unresponsive. The sooner you know there is an issue, the faster issues can be resolved.

Application Monitoring

Quickly detect and resolve unintended application downtimes. Extend your application monitoring capabilities to be notified if your mission critical applications are up or down. Windows services and application uptime statuses are monitored 24/7.

Network IP Monitoring

Be sure that your networks are online with Fivo agent-based monitoring, offering you monitoring for a wide range of IP network devices, such as, switches, phone systems, terminal servers, Digi port devices etc.

Mirth Connect Monitoring

Open Source Mirth Connect is one of the most widely used integration engines in laboratory IT environments. Fivo can monitor Mirth channel statistics and send notifications of stopped channels, backlogged processing queues, channel errors.

Windows Folders

Never have to manually check a directory folder again. Fivo monitors folders 24/7 and can send notifications if files are present or have reached a certain age. This is useful for SFTP folders, interface file transfer folders etc.

Notification Options

Email: Receive email notification at predefined intervals.
SMS Text Messaging to almost every county.
Optional Acknowledgement:. Require recipients to acknowledge receipt of the message.

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